Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Beautiful '31

Now here's a hot rod!

Nice looking Hudson!

This is called a "Rat Rod" (It will always look like this! AND it runs!)

Here they come!

There they go!

We just came from Winchester Bay, Oregon for the "Cool Coastal Nights" Classic Car Show. We didn't take our little bird, we took our trailer and camped there in the beautiful RV camp ground. Saturday night we pulled our chairs up next to the road and watched as the beautiful cars passed by. Some waved, some revvvved, some burned rubber! It was a blast! My sister & hubby (Larry) were there and so were my Dad and his bride. We had a great time and as usual ate too much! This was a guys weekend, with the cars and fishing you know. But Carol and I did get a chance to go antiqueing in Coos Bay.

Here's our little 19 foot trailer, just right for the two of us!

Larry caught a salmon! YAY!

Roger didn't, awwww!

So now we are headed out again for a camping trip with some of the members of our own car club; "High Lakes Car Club" as it is known. We missed last year, so this year we are DEFINATELY going. Then we are on the road again, heading down south to the San Diego area to visit my lovely daughter and her family for a bit and plan on visiting my aunt on our way home. THEN, no more trips! Except maybe one little one camping with our friends Fran & Terry, somewhere on the Columbia River for a few days if the weather holds out. THEN, no more trips!! Really!!

painting by Danny Hahlbohm

The anniversary of 9/11 will be here pretty soon. How can you not remember exactly what you were doing this day? It is still clearly in my mind; watching frightened people running, watching the second plane slam into the tower, and finally watching the towers fall. So sad...3000 people died that day, and only because of the jealousy, hatred, and ignorance of the jihadists. How sad that they do not know that God is love, not hate.

So with that, you all have a great week or two and I'll be seeing your posts real soon!



Meggie said...

Cool cars at the car show/parade, Marilyn. Looks like you had a good family time. I can't believe that it has been NINE years since the 9/11 attack. I remember exactly where I was at the time of the attack.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Marilyn!

Looks like you've been having a blast this summer!! Love your little camper trailer... How cool is that!!
We've gotta have fun while we can and you're doing a great job at it.

Big hugs, SHerry

Marilyn said...

Love the vintage muscle cars!!
911 will forever be "burned" in my memory!

Tammy said...

I'm loving the Hudson!!

Adrienne said...

Oh, I want the yellow one! I would have been so much fun to be in Winchester Bay when you were there - and my sweetheart would have loved fishing with your hubby and he would have enjoyed every one of the cars. We went through there on Thursday - to and from Bandon. What RV park did you stay in? Your little trailer is the same size as ours. Ours has the door at the back. What fun to have it with us when we travel.

Jean Tuthill said...

I love the vintage cars, the parade sounds like a lot of fun. Your little camper is really great, I bet that's fun, too.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Fun music! Fun days!