Saturday, May 12, 2012


Every year our husbands take off for their annual fishing trip, 10 retired guys in a condo - can you imagine that?  And three of us wives get together and have OUR fish-wives week.  This year we went to Fran's home in Washington.  Next year it will be at Cheri's in California.  Then back here to Oregon the following year. 

We have a great time shopping, talking, reading, watching movies and eating of course!  This year I started a diet a few weeks before our trip, and guess what!  I stayed on it the whole time!  AND Fran & Cheri didn't even induldge in cookies or ice cream.  One morning Fran came in and said she lost a pound already! YEEHAA for all of us!

Fran & Cheri on the Victoria Clipper
Helga and I on the Clipper
We went over to Victoria, B.C. and stayed overnight.   Another friend, Helga, went with us on the Victoria rained the whole way!  And it rained most of that day.  We got there and ate lunch and met another friend, Carol who is from Vancouver, B.C.  Carol got us a room at the Chataeu Victoria Hotel.  So after dropping off our luggage, Carol showed us around Victoria, went to Antique Row, some other shops, and then back to the hotel and had a fine dinner.  We all played games and cards and finally sacked out!  (Some of us snoring all night!)  We had to share beds and I believe I stole the covers from Helga most of the night too!   

The Space Needle in Seattle

We all loved this statue of the fisherman!

Playing Farkel in our jammies!

The next day Carol took us to the Empress Hotel - absolutely beautiful!  We didn't have High Tea though - too expensive!  We toured the Government Building and we even went to a thrift shop and bought trinkets! 

Dinner at Browns Social House - YUM!

The Empress (impressive!) Hotel

The Government Building - the second day was much sunnier!

View out the back of the clipper on our way home!

The last view of the Needle at night!

Took the Victoria Clipper home and stayed another few days and the Annual Fish-Wives Week was over!  Fran and I took Cheri to the airport, and then headed back to Oregon where we met up with our honeys for dinner.  As it happened, my brother and his wife were at my sister's, and we all went to dinner together, what a treat this was since I haven't seen my brother in a couple of years!  Fran and Terry stayed for a couple of days and went home.  I have to say, as much as I LOVE our week together, its nice to be home with my honey!  And I am sure Fran and Cheri feel the same.

I know that I've been lax in posting, since January - yeech!  We have been so busy with this and that, actually I have made a few lampshades too!  Doctors appointments, going here and there, and I now take painting classes too! We all have busy lives, and since retiring, it seems like ours is even busyer!  But I will try to keep up with the good friend Ravee, even called to see why I haven't posted in such a long time - guess I better get back to it!

Hope you all have been well...God bless you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Another funny sign! In the last post I did, the whole blog changed and I don't know how it happened! So please bear with me while I correct it and get back into the swing of things after the holidays are over! Maybe I can get my blog back the way it was????