Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here is our new raised "Flower Bed" on top of our new septic tank! Sorry it has been so long since I've posted, but we have been really, really busy!

Since getting home from our vacation, we have gone off again to Carmel, Calif to visit family and take care of business. And some of the family came home with us to stay for a few days. Rogers third son and his family brought their sea-do's and we took them to the lake and played for a day; then took them sight-seeing around central Oregon. Took them to dinner at Greg's Grill and ate outdoors near the river, where when the sun went down, the mosquitos came out! We had to finish our dessert inside!

This is most of the Roger's family, in Carmel-by-the-Sea; less one family, some other grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren! (I won't mention any names for our family's privacy.)

We made a picnic lunch and spent the day; just playing on the water and relaxing!

That's Roger and I coming in after a spin, that was a fun trip too!

Went to Crooked River, Or.

We walked along the Deschutes River in Bend, Or., and went to the farmers market.

After their visit we had a new roof and skylights installed on our home, and had the septic tank cleaned. We found out that the old metal tank was getting rotten (yuk) so we had a new and improved cement tank installed. I never knew how much work there was in putting on a new roof OR a new septic tank in. They had to take out some of the grass, and since I had this old metal bed frame, we decided to put in a "flower bed" instead of grass (see first picture) - of course there will be grass around the raised bed when we re-seed it; maybe by next summer the flowers will be taller and fuller and fill in where its needed? Hope so!

This is the new roof, it took three days to complete, whew!

A picture of our old septic tank

Here they are taking the new one off the truck and dropping it into the hole they dug in the ground.

Baylee is such a curious dog - she had to check it out!

Well, as you can see, lots has been done, and you know one thing leads to another, so there is still more to do! Roger is building a "lean-too" beside my shop so he can have his tractor under a roof and out of the rain & snow in the winter.

I have been going through many blogs lately, just catching up with you all. I love to see what you are doing and the projects you are making or working on. We are going over to the coast to Winchester Bay, Or., for a car show in two weeks - however we are not taking our little "bird", we are going to be camping there for about four days. It ought to be fun, I always enjoy camping! So bye for now and you all have a wonderful week.



Adrienne said...

I love your new flower 'bed' - I have an old iron bed in the shed that seems like it won't hold a sleeper anymore and I've been thinking of doing the same. Only problem: I don't know where I would put it! When will you be at Winchester Bay? We will be near there Labor Day week. At Loon Lake!

bj said...

Hi...thanks so much for stopping by. I've wondered where you were.:))
Seems you HAVE been busy and I love the flower bed.
xo bj