Sunday, September 26, 2010


Baylee sitting patiently in the back seat.

You know, sometimes you make plans and they go haywire! Or in our case they expand and expand until you are gone more than you are home! This year started out with just plans to visit our kids and friends in Southern California and also to take a trip to visit friends in Wisconsin; and we did both! But ended up with many other trips as well (as you have seen in my previous posts); we have been very busy this summer! So now we are home, and loving it!

The last trip we took, we brought our new puppy Baylee with us. She loved traveling - she did very well driving all that way to So. Calif, then on to Morro Bay, and finally to Reno, Nevada and finally home. And without a complaint or accident! And it seems that everybody loved her too! She is a bit big for our 3 year old grandson though.

So this trip, my honey was asked to speak at the "Marvelous Mechanized Magic Kingdom" event on September 18th at the Disneyland Hotel put on by the Garner Holt Productions. Since I have been to a few of these events myself, I opted out so that my son-in-law Scott could go with Roger. It was quite an event hosted by Doogie Houser (actor Neil Patrick Harris).

Host Neil Patrick Harris

C-P30 and R2D2 were on stage as well.

Roger was part of a on-stage panel discussion about MAPO Magic along with Rick Berryman, Butch Borcherding, Rudy Pena and Corky Wilds - they all worked together at MAPO (the mechanized part of Disney - rides and shows.) My brother-in-law, Michael was also a guest speaker along with Michael Campbell; they spoke about the steam train days at Disney. Scott was so happy to have been able to see and hear about those days at Disney, see the show and have dinner with these amazing people.

That's Roger with the mic!

L to R: Rick Berryman, Roger, Corky Wilds, Butch Borcherding and Rudy Pena

We stayed with my daughter & family - I LOVE to be with my grandchildren! What sweethearts they all are! And Baylee got to spend most of the days playing in their back yard with their dog "Pepper". We bought the kids some kites and took them to the park; we went to the beach; and while the guys were at the "Mechanized" event, us gals & Luke had dinner out at a lovely chinese food restaurant - YUM!

Trying to get that kite up!

Grandpa playing with Luke's toys!

Making a sand castle on the beach.

After leaving (boo-hoo!) my kids we headed north to Morro Bay to visit my darling Aunt Doris. Morro Bay is just a beauitful place and I took pictures of the "ROCK" as you can see. We had fish & chips at a local restaurant and did some antique shopping. Went to the beach to let Baylee out to run around for a bit and ran into a horse and cart on the beach - they stopped just to let me take a picture of them! It was really great to have spent some time with my favorite Aunt Doris!

Here we are eating (again!)

The fog was coming in (or was it going out?) at Morro Rock

Roger is walking Baylee on the beach

I've never seen a horse & carriage on the beach - AND they posed for me!

While in Morro Bay we got a call from our friends in Reno. As it turned out, they would be home that week and wondered if we would come for a visit. So leaving my Aunt Doris, we headed across the state to Nevada and stayed with them for two days. We haven't seen Marilyn and Art for a couple of years, so it was really nice to spend time with them.

Marilyn and Art

Heading home, we came upon a "shoe tree" - you probably have seen them here and there. But I HAD to take a picture of it!

That's it for now...and hopefully we will be home for a while. Although on the way home we did go through a campground that was really nice and may take a few days & the dogs and go back there!

Y'all have a great week!

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Jean Tuthill said...

Gee, Marilyn, you have been busy. Baylee is so cute! I love fluffy, curly dogs. He is such a trooper to travel so well. Sounds like a great time was had by all and your pictures are so nice.