Sunday, July 25, 2010


We had a wonderful vacation, but it is still nice to get home! The grass is about a foot tall, but Roger mowed it already!
First we met up with our friends in Montana and followed each other to Yellowstone.
St. Regis, Montana - a beautiful and super clean campground! That's our car and trailer on the right. Fran & Terry's to the left.

Spent two days in Yellowstone National Park and drove all the way around the park, saw "Old Faithful" and it's still as magnificent as it was when I was a kid. While we were watching "Old Faithful"

On to Sheridan, Wyoming to see Custer's Battlefield...learned a lot about it from the Ranger who told the story of the battle.
This is the cemetary where some of the people were burried at Custer's last stand.

Then on the Mt. Rushmore, where we took a tour: it included a yummy breakfast, bus tour to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the whole park including some amazing tunnels that the bus drove through. And concluded with a "cowboy dinner" and show.
The designer of these tunnels built them so that when you drove through them you would see Mt. Rushmore in the distance! Neat, huh!

On to the beautiful state of Minnesota - and it IS beautiful! I loved the pastures with Jersey cows, lots of grass and flowers and pretty farms and homes. The park where we were supposed to stay in Wisconsin was flooded out, so we stayed at our friends home and spent three days there. (We ran into many thunder storms with possible tornadoes along the way - but luckily we missed any tornadoes!) Us gals got a lot of shopping done in Wisconsin and we even had "frozen custard" for the first time - IT WAS DELICIOUS! See the pic of Barbara and Fran lopping it up! YUMMY!
Here we are eating the yummy frozen custard; it was chocolate and german chocolate! Ohhhhh Baby!

After three days visiting them, Roger and I started our trip home. Fran and Terry went on to visit some relatives in that part of the country. The thunder storms followed us back until we got into Idaho...While in Montana we stayed two days at the FIRST KOA park in Billings...a beautiful place too.
The last night of camping; in Burns, Oregon (another beautiful little town!)

Oh, and one more picture, all six of us (sans makeup!) Notice that Fran is holding a picture of our good friends, Dave & Ravee who couldn't make this trip with us - maybe next year, we hope!

So we are home now, and the weather here is HOT! And the mosquitoes are out. Darn! Our dogs are happy we are home too. Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and hope you have all had a good summer so far!


Nancy's Notes said...

Welcome home! Always nice to get away, but home is the best! Great vacations photographs of each wonderful place! Thank goodness you did not run into tornadoes, nice to have friends to stay with in bad weather too.

Enjoy being home,


Adrienne said...

Your trip sounds wonderful and the campgrounds seemed to 'call' my name! I'm so ready to head off with our little cabin-on-wheels for another adventure. I think we need to head back through Montana and into Yellowstone, visit Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills again. Loved the tunnels with the view of Mt. Rushmore! Welcome home to Oregon, my friend.

Meggie said...

Looks like my kinda vacation. We certainly live in a gorgeous country, don't we? Glad you're home safe and sound. I recently visited your beautiful state and was so awe struck by its beauty, especially the coastline.

Kathleen Grace said...

I have always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore! It looks like you had a wonderful trip and a good time with friends:>) That's what vacation is all about.