Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, its Saturday and I just came in from my shop to start dinner. Been working on some shades. Kind of boring today! I don't have much to say but thought that it has been over a week since I did a post - so here it is! La tee dah! Guess I'm a little slooooow today...not much going on around here.

Well, I did finish a book on CD; "Marley and Me" written and read by John Grogan. VERY cute book! And if you have a lab, or any other dog you love, you will LOVE this story! Let me see if I can get a picture of it: O.K. here it is, found it from Google!

Isn't he just the cutest! And what a charactor too! We have a black lab (named Lucy) and she is very sweet and gentle (I can relate to what the author wrote about Marley hating the thunder - it scares Lucys to death too!)

I listen to books on tape or CD while I am working in my shop and sometimes while I am cooking. I get them from the local library (FREE!) Also, from another sweet blogger who suggested Mary Kay Andrews, I am starting "Savannah Blues". A story about a young woman and her adventures (MIS-adventures) while "junking"! I knew I'd like this one, because she loves finding old used things and then sells them! It's a kick!

So this is a short post, hope you all are having a great weekend. I guess Rue is moving this weekend - so go on over to her blog and lets see if she has posted any pictures of their new home? ruespeanutbutterand




glimpse of my world said...

I saw the movie .. Marley and Me! I loved it.. I don't have a lab but I do have a very sweet Retriever!

How can i find out the costs of your shades?

Kathleen Grace said...

Books on tape from the libraray are such a great way to enjoy new material for free! We make use of our library every week:>) Hope you are having a greeat weekend too!

Michelle Palmer said...

We have a sweet black lab, too~ They are the dearest freinds!
I do find it difficult to sit still long enough to read...a book on tape is a great idea!
I'll have to see if our library has this one! Should ask my son to read his copy to me while I work! :)
Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!