Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My sweet sister and I have a couple of dolls that were from our maternal grandmother. Not only did we "play" with them, but our mother and her sister did too! That is probably why they are in the condition that they are! One of the pictures show a doll without clothes (probably played with the most!) alongside is a paper my mother wrote showing me what the clothes she wore had looked like (she was hoping that I could re-do it! Didn't happen!) and the other pics are of my doll - I don't have a picture of my sis's doll here. They are porcelain, about 4" tall, (about 6-7" tall with clothes) they have human hair, and the clothes and hats are made out of crepe paper and some cloth (like velvet to other fabric). The hats look like they are old paper nut cups.) We think they may be from England, but don't know much about their history and our mother and aunt didn't know either. We have never seen any others like them. We have been wondering about them for years now! Anyway, doe's anybody out there know ANYTHING about these dolls?

Also, please head on over to Michelle Palmers blog because she is having a GIVE-AWAY! Lots of cute things!
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Kathleen Grace said...

HI Marilyn,
I don't know anything about dolls, but these are so pretty, and what great heirlooms! Have you tried looking on ebay to see if there is something similar?

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Marilyn,
I just found your blog and enjoyed my visit. You lamps are just lovely!. Your grandchildren are adorable. I have two grads 1 girl and 1 boy and they are such a joy, I know you must feel the same way.
I will back again to visit. Stop by my blog any time.
Enjoy you day,

Michelle Palmer said...

She's beautiful! Sorry that I don't know much about them...
Strong Museum in Rochester, NY has a HUGE doll collection. Maybe try to look up their website, see if they have a contact could email the photos to them & they might be able to help you identify her.
Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Cynthia said...

Hi Marilyn,
I just found your blog and added on to your blog list. Your lamps,oh my, they are wonderful! Please stop by when you a chance. Cindy

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi fun to have found you (on Ray's bulletin board in La Pine rofl). I saw the cottage lampshades (love to decorate in the cottage style) and had to come check you out. I have a blog as well. Love your blog...great eye candy! Cherry