Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I guess we are all pretty much setteled into the new year by now? I suppose I am, but the time - it's just SPEEDING ALONG! You know you are getting older when you look at your children or grandchildren and they are getting bigger by the minute! Precious as they are, they do grow up!

Above is one of the lamps I have been working on. I bought the base on Ebay a while ago because I thought it was just what do you think? I will put it below to get a bigger picture of it and I am also going to put it in my etsy shop.

I am working on two shades for a customer, and will be sending them to her soon. After they are sent, I will put a picture on my blog so y'all can see that I really have been working!!! She says she may want another one too; so I better get busy!

Also I have been checking out some of your blogs lately to see what you are seems that everyone is so busy right now! Your projects are just beautiful and creative...and that is the best reason for doing a blog - your inspiration!!! One of the blogs I found this week is Bakerella, at, you'll have to go over and see the brownies she made - YUM! I'm going to make them for our next month's car club meeting for sure!!!
AND there's a new blogger in blogland! She just became one of my "followers"...She has a really pretty blog - so go on over and see Candy!
Well, have a good week!


Charmingdesigns said...

OOOOH that lamp is just perfect for the beautiful Lamp Shade. You did such a fabulous job!!!! Beauuuutiful! Laurie

Kathleen Grace said...

I love the lamp, how do you find all the unusual shade forms?

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Love your adorable cottage lamps!! I adore the one in your blog banner photo!!

Michelle Palmer said...

So beautiful!
Love the details in your shade~
Hope your Sunday is wonderful!

lorhen82 said...

Your lamp shades are so unique! Very lovely! ~Lori