Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Here are a couple of photos of the work as it is being done! Still have quite a way to go!
Baylee, not quite sure what is going on! She doesn't like the new floors much! Too slippery! But she will be OK when we put down the area rugs.

The flooring is completed in the living room & dining room, still in need of the baseboard. The sofa is on its side, waiting for me to tear off the skirt and make a slipcover for it. And drapes for the window too!

Roger talking with Gerald and Ann, she is painting the cupboards a pretty off white (called "Cottage White" by Behr). At first I thought it was too yellow, (probably reflected off the current yellow walls) but when I saw it in daylight, it's such a pretty color!

The refrigerator back in its place, removed the wall oven and will make a place for the microwave and a pull out drawer below. Now you can see what's in my cupboards! Yikes!

And there is the spot for our new gas stove! The cooktop has to be removed yet, probably today or tomorrow - when the stove is delivered. Our home is all-electric and I have missed my gas stove for 7 years now! Soooo, we bought a gas stove and will hook it up to propane. YAY!

Well, that's it for now....still have the wallpaper, beadboard, tile backsplash, baseboard, etc., to get done. I am making new valances for the kitchen windows and a new shade for the kitchen too. Pictures of that next week!

Hope all is going well for y'all and you're having a great week.



Susan S. said...

Looking good around the choices so far. Anxious to see the finished I bet you are too!! Happy Spring Ya'll

Adrienne said...

I love the changes you are making. It looks wonderful - can't wait to see it all finished. Lots of work but so worth it!

Meggie said...

Oh Marilyn, I'm so eager to see the finished kitchen and especially to know how pleased you are with your newly painted cabinets. I'm from the "you never paint over natural wood" school, but I've considered it many times. Looks like things are coming along nicely.