Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Poor little piggy! Nobody loves him! It seems that more and more the powers that be are warning us of a huge pandemic coming. Every year it's something! This year it's the Swine Flu. That would be the H1N1 virus that has spread from pigs to humans. Reading up on it I found that it is a flu bug almost like any other flu; you get achy, a fever, sore throat, poops and ralphs! And most people will get over it just like any other flu, without the need to see a doctor. The only people who will become very sick are those who usually get flu complications. So there you have it! People need to keep their hands clean, and sneeze and cough into their hankies or arms! So if you are really concerned, you can go to the Center for Desease Control's website - that's CDC.Gov - and see how bad it is on a weekly basis. The CDC reported last week that 2,326 people tested positive. That's not too much out of over 350 million people here in the good ole U.S.A. Still, having the flu is not fun - If you don't feel good STAY AT HOME, do what you would normally do with the flu. And if you are at risk, see your doctor. And don't go visiting!

We were lucky enough to be invited to a preview of the opening of the new Walt Disney Family Museum last week. And what a wonderful museum it is! They would not let me take pictures inside, and I couldn't get to the store before it closed, darn! But I had some pics outside! The museum is really well done and is a lot of fun. Roger's son Garry, had worked on a huge camera that is displayed, which he also helped to install. So he and his wife, Karen were there, and Roger's brother Michael (who wrote a book about Walt's love of trains) and his wife Sharon also. I got to meet Diane, Walt's daughter, and we ran into many friends there.

The museum is located at the Presidio in San Francisco, a really lovely place. I took pictures of S.F. and the Golden Gate Bridge (from our speeding car!) It was such a beautiful day, and a very nice trip!

A picture of some of the neat buildings.

Michael Broggie's book about Walt Disney

One more thing, I went to the post office today because they left me a note that I had something to pickup...It was my yummy giveaway gift from Rebecca at Belle Maison Shop (sorry my http add in is not working, still!) Rebecca sent the prettiest things...lots of ribbon, glitter, tags, flowers, she sent the best things that I could REALLY use! Thank you so much Rebecca, and also to Alex for picking my name out of the hat!!

Well, you all have a great week, and wash those hands!!! And don't get too worked up over what the newscasters are railing about. Just take good care of yourselves, and we will all get through this flu season like always!



Adrienne said...

Oh, it's so nice to see a few pictures of the place you told me about! And you reminded me again how wonderful it was to be in San Francisco last month. I can say 'last month' until tomorrow, can't I? Love your header! ~Adrienne~

Suzie Button said...

Funny way to share more about H1N1!
You know when I captioned stories about this the pig farmers were NONE too happy about it being called "swine" flu as it hurt their market because people believed that if they ate pork they'd get the flu, which isn't true, of course!
I love your pictures of the disney museum and the buildings, I'd love to visit San Francisco some day! Suzie

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

What great fun!. We have been thinking of going to Disney land in LA for Christmas this year. We have been twice in the last two years for our grand-daughter birthday.
Enjoy your weekend!

Bella Dreams said...

What a great giveaway you won! Looks like lots of fun goodies. I LOVED that first picture. Very funny! The swine flu has already hit here. My grandson and daughter both had it! YUK

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Marilyn!

Oh I never thought what repercussions poor Piglet would have through this horrible swine flu season! It's quite evident from your photo that Piglet isn't going to have very many friends in the weeks to come! LOL Sorry, Piglet probably thinks it's not a laughing matter...

Your lampshade are incredible! Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful artist you are!!

Big hugs, Sherry

Jean Tuthill said...

I love Disney, if I were closer I'd be in line to see that museum. Thanks for stopping by and I wanted to let you know that Dusty is home and feeling somewhat better. He gets his stitches out tomorrow and I guess it'll just take time for him to heal. I am getting a flu shot soon and if they have one for the swine, I will get that one, too.