Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here are a couple of new shades I have made for some very dear and sweet friends. You see, HAVE been working!!! The first shade is made from vintage doilies, embroidery, lace and eyelet - it is a gift for a friend from her husband (shhhh, it's a secret! - its O.K. she doesn't get on the internet!) And another picture of the inside of the shade so that you can see its completion; along with a signature button that I usually attach on the inside of each shade.

Below is another lampshade for my best friend, Fran....A few years ago she came up with the idea of putting together a plate, topped with a teapot, topped with a sugar bowl, and then topped with the creamer (all these she alread had), so Roger (my husband) drilled them all together and it turned out sooo cute! But she didn't have a cute shade for it. That's where I came in! Fran has made some quilts and she made the quilted piece that is attached the shade, and in fact she gave me all the fabric (which matched her kitchen curtains), doilies, etc. When I get a picture of the lampshade ON the lamp base, I will show it in another post.

And I have to show you our first snow of the winter! Roger and I built these swings for the grandkids last summer. And I had to show the tree that bent way over in the snow - It's alright now, Roger trimmed it and it sprang back up! You know we had such a short summer; last winter lasted way into the spring and now fall is going quickly into another winter, the Southern California heat doesn't sound so bad right now! Who knows, maybe we will become snowbirds someday!

Well, y'all have a great week - and stay safe!


Kathleen Grace said...

Marilyn, your attention to detail on the finishing of your shades is amazing! I am always in awe of the beautiful things you put together to make one of these shades. I would love to see the lamp you described with the shade on it, it must be gorgeous:>) Snow? Lordie, better you than me, I think I would cry if we had that much this soon!

Brushed By An Angel said...

Marilyn, your lamp shades are truly beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen any like them. How did you come upon making shades? You are the only person I have found that does this.

SNOW??? I don't like cold weather, it is pretty to look at though. I went out yesterday and had to come home and wash hair and take bath because of the heat and sweating. But we are getting a cold front this weekend, should be in the low 70's.

Alison Gibbs said...

Your lampshades are beautiful.

chandelier magic - beach house said...


thanks for your great comment - your shades are fabulous and i'll be back to read the back posts and catch up -

love your blog - i'm so going to follow you -


One Shabby Old House said...

Your lampshades are amazing! How talented you are!

Adrienne said...

Hi, Marilyn -
You already know I love you work and artistry but it seems that every time you have made the perfect shade. These are gorgeous. What a treasure for dear friends. We've never thought of becoming snowbirds someday but the thought entered a recent conversation and, suddenly, we realized that we've become the age to consider skipping out on winter! If we do that someday, maybe we'll meet up with you somewhere warm!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Snow?? Oh wait... isn't that supposed to be on the Christmas decorations, not the pumpkins??

Your new lampshades are incredible!!
Such talent you have the artistic touch for them.

Hugs, Sherry

Charmingdesigns said...

oh how I love your shades!!! I also love the lamp base on your sidebar, with the charming shade.

Mimi said...

Marilyn, your lampshades are truly a work of art. I want one of each! I try to peek in once a week to see what is new.
Snow, already? Looks like a long winter ahead. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have never seen a lampshade like that. It is truly a work of art. Just love it.


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

So pretty, you friends are so lucky to be receiving these lovely lamp shades.I love all the vintage doilies your used.
Enjoy you day and keep creating,

Mary said...

Love the goodness, what talent you have! I don't think I've heard of anyone making their own lampshades, but they are truly the patchwork! As for the thanks. It is beautiful, but I get cold just looking at it. Seven years in Chicago will last me a lifetime. Glad you enjoy it, though!

Thanks for your comment of agreement on my post about Larry Burkett's book and our difficult to know what they are doing, and not knowing how to stop them...just pray!

God bless,

The Stylish House said...

Hi Marilyn,
This is so pretty I love your new lampshade. I can tell first hand what quality workmanship you do. I love the nightlight I won from your giveaway and have gotten several compliments on it.