Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This day will live in my memory forever. I am sure it's the same as for those who were there during December 7th, 1941 - the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our country has lived through two wars on our own land, the first to gain our freedom from English domination and then the Civil War. These were both devastating to the American people who lived at the time - no matter which side they were on.

Since the Civil War our country has only fought to help free other people in their countries from tyrants who were dictators, and we have never taken their land in payment (only enough to bury our soldiers who fought to help them).

But the times, they are a-changin'! To me it's sad that as a country we have allowed our politicians to run our world the way they want, not the way we want. And sadly too, WE have voted them in! I have seen the huge numbers of people at the Town Hall meetings, mad as hell, trying to tell those "lump-heads" (and I'm being NICE here!) to stop spending our hard earned money - to no avail! The lump-heads are still going to vote the way THEY see fit - not what their constituents want. Most in Washington DC are arrogant, self-obsessed, know it all's, who still use our money for their own benefit.

IF all these plans for us taxpayers (the stimulus, and health care reform) is so good and needed right now, then why do the politicians have their own health care and retirement plans? If it's so good for US, than it should be good for THEM too! Let's see them live on a Social Security check once a month, or have to go to a doctor only to be turned away because the doctor has too many Medicare patients already. It won't happen because they have their own benefits - that WE ARE PAYING FOR!

And now, here is the anniversary of 9/11. Over 3,000 Americans died because middle east terrorist think we are "infidels". Innocent people died because of their screwed up thinking about life. President George W. Bush did keep us safe from terror on our land for 8 years. And now we have government officials in Washington DC who would prosecute our CIA and set free those that would stab us in the backs - well, actually enilate us altogether. What's wrong with this picture!

However, I believe that all things are falling into place as it should, according to the Bible. So even though I rant and rave about what is going on with our politics, I know it is to be. We must go through all this to get to the end of the Book. So please keep your faith in the Good Lord above, and He will see us through it. God bless us, and our troops, who are trying to help keep the world a safer place. And Lord, please bless our President, to help him find You.

I usually close by saying "Have a nice week", but this week it's "God Bless You All!"


Adrienne said...

Yes, I with you, my friend. We must go through the present times - it's all lining up! Just like the Bible said it would. And isn't it sweet that our Father above has let us know that some of this will happen and He said not to fear because He is with us and will NEVER forsake us? Comforting and encouraging. ~Adrienne~

Kathleen Grace said...

I agree Marilyn. I think the best thing the American people could do is vote out all the incumbents and send a message to Washington to remember they serve the people,not themselves. I don't know how close the end times are, many generations have felt they were in them, but I have faith that God will help us if we ask Him!

Jean Tuthill said...

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