Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here we are waiting for the show to begin, with the fog rolling in!

We had such a fun time at the "Cool August Nights" in Winchester Bay, Oregon last weekend. The cruisers were a blast and so much fun! My sis and hubby had their motorhome at the RV Park where the cruise took place after the car show. So we had front row seats! The weather got a little chilly and the fog rolled in, but that didn't stop the cruisers from burning rubber!

My Dad and his bride, my Sis and hubby, and Roger and myself all went to the car show and wandered around looking at the vintage cars, then came back to their motorhome and had a delicious hamburger and potato salad dinner. Then about 6 p.m. we set up our seats and watched the crazy cars. One car even had hydralics that lifted one side as he was driving down the road. There was a guest celebrity too - President Clinton and Hillary were in a red Chevy - you can't see Hillary, but she was dressed in a witches costume. Then there was the car with the flames coming out the back of his was all so friendly and so much fun to watch!

So, car show season is almost over for us; since we live in a climate that you don't take your vintage cars out in the snow during winter! So I will be back in my shop making more lampshades real soon! I've got lots of ideas, and after participating in Barb's "Rooster Party" last month, I'm even thinking about having a "Show us your cutest lamp" Party - but that is a ways off.

Take care y'all and have a terrific week!



Kathleen Grace said...

I love the old cars! My dream is to have one of those old rounded trucks in a pretty candy color some day. I can't wait to see more of your shades:>)

Mary said...

Hi there...found you through Candy's blog today...we are classic car people, and love these great photos! You are so lucky to have that awesme T-bird! When I was 18, the neighbors pulled into their driveway with one, and I was in love! God bless!


blushing rose said...

Love the T-bird. I have a 1967 Spitfire ... you can see it in my March & April posts. Love old cars.
Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

What fun!. I love your 56 T-Bird, she's a beauty.
How funny Oregon has a "Cool August Nights" and Reno NV has a "Hot August Nights" vintage car show. We are going to take our 56 Chevy to Reno NV next year.
Take care and enjoy your day,
Elizabeth said...

Hi there! I just happened to visit this site when searching for "shabby chic usa" on google. I´m glad I did! Lovely lamps!!!

I read that You like fleamarkets and things like that so I just have to give You the link to my online store

I´ts based in Sweden, where I live. =)

Take care and keep up the good work! Best regards , Matilda.