Friday, October 31, 2008


We are going to a halloween party tonight and I am bringing some deviled eggs - with spider's on them! We are going to be indians tonight - I was trying to put together a "Tinkerbells Grandma" costume, but don't have enough time left - it will just have to wait for next year! And we had these indian costumes left from years past...hopefully I'll still fit in it!!! The witch on the right is above a store in Florence, Oregon. I thought she was so cute, and witchy!

Roger finished putting the french doors and window on my shop, and added the scalloped siding above them - it's still quite a mess, but it's going to look real cute when finished. The rain is here, and I may have to wait to paint until spring or summer...I was going to paint it the same color as our house since we still have a lot of the paint left over; but my sister said I should paint it a different color. Our house is a light green with white trim and barn-red shutters; see the picture above, it shows the colors as best I could get with my camera! SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? Shall I paint it the same or a different color altogether? I would LOVE your suggestions, you are all so creative!!!
I have two new blogs added to my list of favorites: One is Michelle Palmer Art. Michelle is a wonderful artist and very sweet person. I love her birds! You can check out her blog at: The other is Heidi Ann who is a designer and decorator at Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly, a beautiful blog site and she makes and sells quilts and other lovely things! Please go to:
And have a Happy Halloween,


Michelle Palmer said...

Hi Marilyn!
Great to see you over at my blog...I would love for you to add me to your favorites & I'll add you...
The french doors are beautiful! The view from inside looking out will be lovely~
Colors...I agree with your sister...different colors would be nice. Maybe keep the same color FAMILY & make the shop colors "deeper"...they might be able to mix a deeper (sage) green with the house paint you mentioned?

I must admit...for being an artist~ I play it far too safe for interior/exterior colors. I'm trying to build up my courage to paint our living room a little bit more bold...I love coffee (with cream) colors...we'll see!

Hope you have a wonderful time at your halloween party!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I think paint it like your house. It would really look sharp !

vintagewindow said...

Hello Marilyn, I found your blog while surfing. WOW!! I love your lamps and shades. Such creativity.