Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here are a couple of lampshades I recently re-covered for a very nice customer...She wanted to have me re-cover her old shades because they were getting torn inside and were looking pretty sad! So I took off the old fabric, cleaned the frame and wrapped it, and put the new fabric on, inside and out! My client was vey happy with the results, and is having me make another one for her! Also, I have an order for two more "coolie" shades made from styrene for another customer (she is a repeat customer! Isn't it great when someone likes your work so much that they call you for another job :>)) But I've got to get going on them now!!

We also just got back from a few days camping at a beautiful place here in Oregon called "Collier State Park". Near Chiloquin, Oregon. A group of our car club got together for a few days just to have fun and relax...see the pics! We had a pot luck dinner Saturday night and Roger and I went on an excursion to the top of the mountain to find the beginning of Spring Creek, and also got to see this beautiful view - the picture is from "Oux Kanee Skyline Viewpoint" looking South.
Another project I am working on is making valances for my daughter's kitchen window...her kitchen is a pale green and we thought that a red & cream toile would look pretty. She likes vintage things and this will fit in perfectly! When I get them done and she puts them up, I will post a picture!
One last thing; We just lost a beautiful friend to cancer. She died today, and she will be surely missed! We met Carolyn at the first meeting that we went to for our car club. She had announced that she was going into the doctor the next day, that they thought she may have breast cancer, and asked for our prayers. Well, she did. She fought it for four years, lost her hair three times and it spread into her bones, but was in remission until very recently. She came to our camping trip last weekend; although her husband didn't want to go because of her health, she really wanted to be there. She stayed up both nights and played cards with the rest of us and had a lot of fun! She was such a sweetheart, loved to cook and always had a positive word or cute joke for everyone! We love you, Carolyn and will miss you!





~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

So sorry about the loss of your friend; she certainly was a beautiful lady, and sounds like she lived her life to the very fullest.

Adrienne said...

Hi Marilyn -
I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. You will always have special memories of last weekend with her. What a strong lady she must have been!

Charmingdesigns said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend...
Glimmer Mist... somewhere there should be a button that says who carriers it in your area. If you had any idea what color you might like, I'd be happy to pick one up for you...they have a ton of colors. Laurie