Thursday, March 27, 2008

The picture at the left is from Lauries Charming Designs. I bought this cute pincushion from her last year! She painted the box too! I have to thank Laurie for getting me into blogging in the first place!
I was just visiting Kathy's Cottage and her blog was so inspirational. She talked about how she has always been creative, but put it on the back-burner to work and raise her family. I can relate to that, as I'm sure most of us bloggers can! I'm a Grandma now, so you know I have lived a long life so far! A happy life! I believe that raising my children was THE most important thing in life, next to that the grandkids! I have worked outside my home most of my adult life also. So finding time to be creative was very hard at times. I used to sew my dolls clothes when I was young, then my own clothes starting in high class was always my favorite in school. I dabbled in other venues while raising my family. Later, when I met Roger, my husband, he was so creative and knowledgable about how things work (he was in the park attraction/imagineering business all his life) and with his know-how I just felt that I was sort-of set free and could finally do anything I set my mind to!

Seeing all of your blogger sites is inspiring too...I have always loved going through decorating books and magazines, watching HGTV...sometimes I see something and it inspires me to do something similar to it or to embellish it in another way (I hope I am making some since here, I feel like I am babbling on!) Anyway, since I am new to blogging, I have visited so many wonderful blog sites and seen so many creative people, I think this is just so enlightening. It's really nice to have a place like this!

One more thing; we live far away from our children and grandchildren. It has been very hard not living close to them. We now have a wonderful new invention: a web-cam! It's almost like being there - you can actually have a conversation and see them at the same time (better than using the phone!) When I saw my new grandson Luke, walking for the first time, I realized what a great invention this was! It really does keep you closer when you are far away.

Well, you all have a great week. I'll be out working in my shop creating a new lampshade, or maybe just cleaning up out there, it surely needs it!!

Bye for now, Marilyn


Adrienne said...

Welcome to the world of webcams. Aren't they great? What will they think of next? I love Laurie's pincushion. She and I have been in touch since she lives not far from me. Close to some of my grandkids. Her work is absolutely fantastic. So it yours! Thanks for sharing it with us. ~Adrienne~

bj said...

Hi, I'm bj and I'm really glad to meet you. I came across your blog and am very glad I did. I am anxious to go back and read more of it and see some of your lamps....
Come by to see me sometimes...I love decorating magazines, HGTV, decorating my own cottage so it seems we have some things in common...OH....and the BIGGEST, MOST IMPORTANT THING IS....we are both grandmothers. LOL
hugs, bj

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Marilyn!
I agree with you, Laurie's creations are so pretty, how lucky you are to have one! And I so agree with you that blogging is full of inspiration!

Meggie said...

Hey Marilyn: Stop by when you have a chance...I have an award for you.

Rue said...

I didn't realize you were new to blogging when I came by. I am too! Your blog is very well done and you could've fooled me that you were a newbie ;)I love your lamp shades!!

I'm so glad to have "met" you and I added you to my blog too.

Have a great night and thank you again for the award!
rue :)