Thursday, September 29, 2011


The picture above is what our kitchen used to look like. Pretty ordinary for a manufactured home! I hated the corner sink - not ever enough room. All the wood was OK, but I really like painted wood! And that black & white tile behind the stove had to go, along with the flooring!

This part of the kitchen is where we usually eat our meals. And outside that big window on the right is our "bird sanctuary"; we love watching the birds while eating our breakfast! When we moved here I painted the kitchen yellow with a splash (well, sponged) light blue here and there. And as you can see, it was yellow, blue, red, pink, green. And we had this old carpenters table that we use as another counter when needed (One of our friends gave it to us; it was actually hand-made by his father!)

This is the living room-dining room. We kept the color on the walls - it is called "Creme Brulee" from Behr in the dining room, and "Contemplation" on the living room walls (a light green) by Behr also. But the old carpet had to go - too many doggies had left their prints and scent (ours and the previous owners dogs.)

Going through some old magazines I found an article I had saved by one of my favorite designers; Gail Claridge in Westlake Village, Calif. Her kitchen & living room were done in Woods, Reds, greens and some yellows. I loved it! And that was the look I was going for. But I didn't quite make it to her designer look. However, I really like what we ended up with. TAKE A LOOK!

So, we put in new flooring throughout the kitchen, dining area, and living room. We painted the cabinets "cottage white" Got a new dish washer (the old one was on its last leg!) subway tiles for the backsplash, plaid wallpaper, and my dream: a new GAS range! This was quite a feat in an "all electric" home! I sewed new valances and a new chandelier shade (picture below). I still have that corner sink, but it REALLY would have cost a LOT more to re-arrange the whole kitchen! Now I am looking for black kitchen table & chairs; but haven't found them as yet.

Details: We removed the door under the sink and I added a curtain. Problem was, I couldn't find an "old" curtain rod! We looked in antiques stores, then found an old spoon. Well it wasn't quite long enough, so Roger took it out in his shop and welded an extension in the middle and attached it to the cabinet - neat huh!

I saw a photo of someone else who bought a rabbit for a door knob, so I found an old "bossy" she even had a bell around her neck. How cute is that!

I wanted the look of a farm kitchen, so I asked Roger if he could drill some holes in some of the cabinet doors - what do you think????

There was a cupboard for your china, so we took the glass out and added the chicken wire instead. I added red & white check paper to the back of the cabinet to make it stand out a little better. And we got knobs and drawer pulls for all the doors and drawers.

I found this shelf in an antique store and had to have it! I was planning on putting it in our bedroom, but it just didn't look right there. So when I put it up against the plaid wallpaper, voila! Also the bottom half of my mothers hutch I have kept all these years just added the green & white tiles to the top...I think I will re stain it or maybe paint it green or red?

I found this little rug just perfect for Baylee to lie on while we are having breakfast - now she can watch the birds also; actually she likes watching for the squirrels.

So this is the "after" picture of the dining room and living room. Although, we're never done re-decorating are we!

And this picture is the "after" picture of the living room only.

Now there is still one UNFINISHED PROJECT! YIKES! This spot is where the built-in oven was. We can't decide just what to do with it. I think we are going to build some pull-out drawers for all this "stuff" with a cabinet door over that. Maybe leave the microwave showing? We'll see!

AND WE COULDN'T HAVE ENDED UP WITH SUCH A NICE REMODEL WITHOUT THE HELP OF Ann & Gerald; who are local carpenters/designers in our area. Actually they did all the hard work! Roger and I only finished up a little here and there. And I have to tell you Ann & Gerald are so easy to work with! I don't think I would have gotten my gas range if it hadn't been for their genius! THANK YOU BOTH FOR SUCH A GREAT JOB!

So we are off on another camping trip for a few days. I have been gone from blogging for over a month now. But with winter coming on, I'll be a better blogger, promise! You all have a great week, enjoy the autumn! I plan on tossing a few leaves around myself!



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Wow, unreal transformation. I totally love the new look. So fresh and so pretty. Amazing indeed. Hugs, marty

bj said...

Your kitchen is clean and fresh looking. Love it.
I giggled when you said the black and white tile behind your stove had to go..I just had Mr. Sweet put black and white tile in my kitchen. Isn't it funny what looks great to one doesn't do much for the other. Good thing all our tastes aren't just alike..boring world, hu?
xo bj

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Your kitchen looks fantastic. How I would love it if Patient husband would allow me to paint our kitchen cupboards. It is so dark in there and I also have that corner kitchen you will always have to have it.
What a great make over..
I have to say that I loved the look of your black and white kitchen tile over the stove. :)
But..I am glad you are happy with a change. Have a wonderful Sunday!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my lamp shades!!

Adrienne said...

Love, love, love your new kitchen! It's just perfect. I love all the special touches you added. It's so bright and cheery.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Marilyn your home looks fantastic! What a wonderful make-over! Your kitchen is adorable!!!! Love all the sweet touches! Great should be in a magazine!


Rose of Sharon said...

Wow! It looks so beautiful! You did a great job! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Hugs, Sharon