Friday, April 29, 2011


Couldn't resist this picture I got on an email! It snowed AGAIN this morning! The weatherman says it's going to quit and we will see some sunshine and warm weather, but I am beginning to think he doesn't know what he is talking about! Know what I mean??? Some of my plants and flowers want to come up, but are having a hard time with all the snow and rain we have had - I sure wish Spring would sprung!

Below is a picture of my grandson Luke, with a "girl-friend" on Easter - they are both 4 years old! I thought it was so cute, that I would share it with you.

For some of you who may be wondering, we have most of the remodeling finished...just a few more things! But I don't know when they will get done, as my sweet honey is doing them AND trying to work on his trains and now we have a "new" car to work on as well! Check out this baby:

We haven't named her yet, (and don't know if we will!) but our friends have their suggestions! I like "Betty" I don't know why, she just looks like a Betty to me! Maybe I she ask you! Feel free to let me know a name you think would fit this 1929 Model A!! Another thing I would like to do is chop the top down about 3 inches and really make it a hot rod!

Ain't she a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, here it is again!!! The annual "FISHWIVES WEEK"; while our honey's are off fishing at June Lake, California for a week, the "fishwives" (Fran, Cheri, and I) will be here at my house this year...some of you may remember our annual Gals week; we either go to California, Washington, or here in Oregon. I am SOOO looking forward to it to - lots of chick-fliks, popcorn, ice cream, antiqueing and junking and we will probably go over to the coast and stay for a day or two....What fun! Can't wait!

So I won't be posting for about a week or more (what's new!) But I will take lots of photos and show them when it's over! Have a wonderful week, and talk with you all real soon!



Adrienne said...

I just know you and the other gals are having way too much fun! Love the 'new' car! Betty is the perfect name.

Meggie said...

A Fishwives Week, how cool is that?! And it sounds like tons of fun, too. Can't wait to see photos. The sign about spring is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!