Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've finally started my Christmas decorating!

All the presents are wrapped, some are even in the mail! The Christmas decorations are starting to go up, and the baking is being done too....all that's left is to go out and cut down a Christmas tree! But it's still snowing and at least I'M not sure we can do it this year with all the early snowfall, but of course my honey thinks we can... So how are you all doing this season? Getting everything done? I have seen lots of bloggers with all their decorating completed! It's just a beautiful time of the the Christmas songs, the sweet smells, the jolly people.

Unto us a Child is born!

No further words needed!

Isn't this beautiful! My kids gave it to us for a Christmas present this year!

And here are some Christmas tree pictures I thought I'd throw in!

Decorated tree at Tivoli Gardens. We went to this park a few years ago, it's almost like Disneyland in Denmark!

This is called "The Christmas Tree Cluster", somewhere in space; by Stocktrek Images - Isn't it beautiful with all the pretty colors!

And no matter where you are at Christmas, may the Good Lord bless you!

Merry Christmas, yall!


Jean Tuthill said...

It's all so beautiful. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

Kathleen Grace said...

Beautiful, I love the unique nativity set your children got you! I have never seen anythign like it, do you know who makes it?