Sunday, June 6, 2010


Take a close look at the picture above....notice that cute little bowl at the bottom of the dahlias? I bought three of them on Ebay a while ago and was waiting for the right time (NO FREEZING WEATHER!) to put it outside. They are supposed to be antique flower "pots" with a hole in the top and a hole in the bottom; and I have never seen anything like these before! There is a tag on one of them that says they were made in Italy. One of them was damaged in shipping and I gave the other one to my friend, Fran. Aren't they sweet?

And here is a lampshade I have been working on: It is for a client who had this shade that was damaged and could not find another one like it in this size. So she asked me to re-do it for her. I took the old one apart and used it for a template, and glued the fabric onto new styrene. Then finished it off at the top and bottom with a matching braid. Voile!

Not much new here, although was did have our new puppy (Baylee) spayed last week and she is doing just fine. I don't think she even knows what happened to her! We are getting ready for the annual Car Show (which my honey is the chairman of) and its a lot of work by many wonderful people who are great helpers! Then in July we are off on vacation, camping all the way to Wisconsin to visit friends. We are REALLY looking forward to it!

So y'all have a great week, and I'll be keeping in touch!


Meggie said...

Hey Marilyn! Just dropping by to say hello. The flower pot is darling! Too bad about the one damaged in shipping. Love the new lampshade...very nice! Hope you have a great trip to Wisconsin. Camping is always such fun.

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