Saturday, January 2, 2010


What a great year 2009 was for most of us bloggers! I love meeting you all and have made some terrific friends along the way. The sweet lady who got me started is Laurie at LauriesCharmingDesigns; she is ALWAYS doing something new and pretty! Then there is Kathy at KathysCottage; what a sweetheart she is :) She is blogging all the time and showing us all the beautiful things she makes and she has helped me in my blogging effort alot! Then Adrienne, what can I say? You are such a warm, kind, and giving person. Adrienne is from Withagratefulheart, writes many posts and shows us all the places her and her honey go. Many beautiful pictures of Oregon especially. I am thankful to all three of you for being my friends! You're the BEST!

There are so many really nice, sweet, mostly Christian women I have met just by blogging! Mona, Candy, B.J., Cathy, Dawn, Dolly, Jean, Michelle, Penny, Susie and Meggie, just to mention a few! ALL OF YOU have opened my eyes and shown me just how many kind and CREATIVE people are out there that we never even new before blogging came along! "Thanks for the memories", to quote Bob Hope! And all of your creative ideas.

One of the things I am grateful for and thank the Lord for is being born and being alive NOW! If I had been born 20 or 30 years earlier, I would have missed all this! Another reason I am thankful for today is that my husband (who went through cancer treatments) is now free of it and it has been almost 5 years! 20 years ago he may not have been with me now.

We may have a lot of problems in this old world now, but we also have so much. OK, OK, I'm going a little farther than I intended....soooo, we have a new year to look forward to and to make of it what we will. And with the Good Lord's help, we will make it through! Thank you ALL for stopping by and leaving comments when you can.

Oh, and the picture above is the New Year breakfast I mentioned in my last post - biscuits and sausage gravy, pouched eggs, and sliced oranges, YUM! It was good too! Now, NO MORE GOODIES - IT'S DIET TIME YALL!

I Love You All,


Adrienne said...

Oh, Marilyn, you are so sweet! I just love that you are part of my world and I can't wait to head your way sometime in the near future to see family - and you!! You will be one of the first to know so we can make sure we get time to spend together.

Like you, I can't imagine life without you and my dear blog friends. I share your joy at being alive now so we can enjoy these special friendships never before possible.

And I'm thanking God for the good health of your hubby! And praying for many more years of the same.

Happy New Year to you, dear friend. May it be full of blessings beyond belief, joy beyond measure and peace beyond understanding!

Kathleen Grace said...

Marilyn you are such a doll! I have been helped by so many kind bloggers I was just passing the help along. I do love seeing your posts and all the beautiful lampshades you make. Laurie and Adrienne are some of my favorite people so you are in very good company with them:>) I hope you enjoy many more years of blogging as I know we will all enjoy the things you share. happy New Year friend! ongrats to you and your husband too on his cancer free status!

Kathy said...

Blogging friendships are amazing arn't they...
Have a wonderful new year in 2010...I look forward to getting to know you better this year.
God Bless Ypou and yours,
xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Marilyn,
Happy New Year! I have been catching up with you and have enjoyed my visit.
May all your dreams come true this year.