Thursday, November 5, 2009


Picture by Bob Gibbons

Halloween's over, Thanksgiving is next; then on to Christmas! Where did this year go? I'm sure we are all thinking that...every year seems to go faster and faster - what is one to do?

My honey and I (well to be honest, mostly my honey) raked up leaves and pine needles for the last three days. Piles and piles of leaves! Now they are waiting to be made into mulch for our gardens...Getting ready for winter.

When we lived in Southern California, we never had to worry about raking up falling leaves; the wind blew them away. Where they went, I never knew! But in Oregon, not much wind here - the leaves stay where they land!

Picture by Curtis Martin

So now I am thinking about what to cook for Thanksgiving...not much of a problem: Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie (all the trimmings!) But I would like to try something new, anyone have any ideas please let me know!

Better get going, lots to do! You all have a wonderful week!



Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Marilyn,
Great photos, I wonder if the Southern CAlif. leaves blow to Oregon? lol. We always have pumpkin Chocolate swirl cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert. I have a link to it on my sidebar if you are interested:>)

Anonymous said...

One year I wanted to do a lasagna with all the Italian trimmings BUT when put to a vote I got shot-down. Now, I love the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner myself but I wanted to put a little "kick" in the holiday!! Nope, not us.... Maybe you can try it?!?!?!?

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Marilyn, I am always happy to see the leaves falling. I also make mulch and compost for my flower gardens. It is amazing that I start out with this huge pile and when it done, it's about twelve to fifteen wheelbarrows full. I am thinking of the holidays, too and looking for some different dishes. It's always so much fun!