Friday, August 7, 2009


Birthday fun at Disneyland,!
Ashley and Christy in their birthday hats!
"Professional Nails" by 7 year old Ashley!

Thank you all for being so patient while I've been gone! We started our vacation off leaving Oregon heading down to San Diego County, Calif. When a light came on in our car and then the brakes were trying to stop us from moving...the ABS system! Yikes! We got to a dealership in Merced, Ca., in 105 degree weather, YUK! They had to keep the car and order a part (couldn't get it back until the next we rented a car and kept on heading South.) Got to my daughters and stayed for almost a week; for Ashley's birthday (My oldest grandaughter) and Luke is now 2 years old, cute as a button and full of energy! We had a WONDERFUL time visiting with them! Ashley and I did each others nails, as you can see!

Then on to see my son; Monte and his family. My grandchildren (Corwin 5 and Morgan, who is now 3 years old.) They are all so cute and getting so big! No pictures, but it was wonderful to see them again and visit with them for a while. However, time was so on to visit with some of our friends from the "old neighborhood". It was fantastic to get together with them too and eat and talk and joke - just like old times!

Then on to Roger's children and grandchildren too - got to see our great-grandchildren too! Jake is now 4 and Tyler is 1-1/2 years old! Jake Tyler
We also went to a birthday party with Roger's son Garry and his wife Karen, for a friend who turned 80 years young this year! Check out this cake!

On to Carmel, Calif., where Roger's step-mother (Mary) still lives and Roger's brother and his bride (Brian and Cyndi); we all went to a delicious Japanese restaurant for dinner at the beach - the chef cooked at the table with knives swinging and fires flareing! Mary treated us to the aquarium in Monterey. They have the neatest seahorse exhibit - see the pictures!

And finally we stopped by the New Walt Disney Museum at the Presidio in San Francisco to pick up a tressel (for 1/8th scale trains - which my husband had built about ten years ago.) And we were lucky to get a tour of the museum as they are putting it together - I think I can show you some pictures of what we saw...this museum is about Walt Disney and his family. It is going to be just the most fantastic museum too! Lots of great interactive things for children to do, and wonderful stuff to see, about the early days in Disney's life. Here is the Lille Belle (under wraps until opening day) suspended in the air (Roger with his eyes closed!)

Train Mountain in Chiloquin, Oregon
Finally, we're heading home! But since we decided to donate the tressle, we stopped by "Train Mountain" in Chiloquin, Oregon. This is a neat place too, especially if you are a train enthusiast! They have 23 real miles of train tracks! So they will be using the tressel somehwere in the park. By the way, this tressel that my husband built to display the Lilly Belle in Sacramento was made with the real rails from Walt Disney's home many years ago. Walt's barn, where he housed the train, has been relocated near Griffith Park, Ca. And they just celebrated the 10th year of it being moved there. (For more information about the barn, you can go to the Carolwood Pacific Railroad Society at )
Well, I certainly have said enough! Hope you enjoyed the pictures too! Hope all is going well and you are all having a wonderful summer!


Kathy said...

Marilyn, (also my moms name!)... thank you for stopping by my blog and :following:, Love your lampshades and all that you do, very creative !!! Enjoyed my visit here, a great post, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Marilyn, yes, you post the pictures on YOUR blog on August 28th.

Thanks for displaying the rooster button. If you have any further questions....just let me know.

Hugs, Barb

Rebecca said...

Just had to stop by and tell you that you have the MOST amazing Lamps! I've done a few...but nothing like yours...amazingly gifted lady my friend.

You traveled to my beloved California and I'm sooo jealous. Longing for a trip to my old home's just soooo far from Oklahoma.

Blessings to you...Rebecca

Bella Dreams said...

Hi Marilyn! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! While I'm here I have a question.....Do you ever run across any of the old lamps that attached to or hung over the back of a head board? Do you know the kind that I'm talking about? They were (I guess) kind of a reading lamp. If you have any suggestions, I would be interested in one with one of your darling shades.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Aren't grand babies the best...I know they make my old heart just sing with joy...Thanks for sharing I loved seeing your family fun...May you have a great day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Michelle Palmer said...

So many wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing the great photos etc.~ AMAZING cake! Wow!
Hope your days are wonderful...

Adrienne said...

Hi, Marilyn -
What a fun vacation you had! Wouldn't it have been fun to meet in San Francisco over dinner on the Wharf? I couldn't think of anything more fun.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You have GOT to stop showcasing those beautiful lamp shades! I love all of them. Just beautiful.

It sounds like you had a fantastic time. I thought I had commented on your trip..but I don't see my comment!
Hugs for all your hard work and helping make my home lovely and cozy..

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Precious pictures here and on your side bar. I love the pic of the sleeping baby.
Sounds like a fun trip.

Cathy said...

What wonderful photos!!! Your babies are darling!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Dear Rooster Party Participant,

Just a reminder that the Rooster Party is this Friday, August 28th. I am so glad you joined and I'm really looking forward to seeing your Roosters.

Hope you have a wonderful time!