Friday, April 17, 2009


O.K. so I just posted this morning and now here I am back again in ONE day, can you believe it??? But I had to let all of you know about a great GIVEAWAY from THE FARM CHICKS (well it's actually fabric from a sweet little lady named Stacy McCallum from PIXIE DUST DECOR.) So go on over to The Farm Chicks (a wonderful blog!) at And go on over to Stacy's webpage at www.pixiedustdecor. I tried to add these in here so that you can just click on them, but with this new Windows Vista, it didn't show up! I'll have to work on that!
Until next week, have a wonderful springtime!


The Stylish House said...

Maybe we should add a pillow fight along with the tea party! On a brighter note, your grandkids are adorable. They are at such a fun age. Hope your are enjoying your spiffy new computer. ~Cathy~

Suzie Button said...

Hi Marilyn, I thought I'd just drop a note here too in case you didn't see my email about the lamp today. I'm excited about it! You can post it on your blog too! Just let me know either on my blog or via email when it's done, Suzie

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh for heavens sake! Is that why I can't post a link?? I have tried and tried..and nothing. I also have Vista. There HAS to be a way. It makes me feel bad when I can't highlight their names....
I am still watching your lamps..oh dear..did I miss something???
~smiles and love~