Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Snow!

A pretty good storm has come through our area and left us a little dusting of snow. The picture above is of dove footprints left in the snow this morning who came to our front porch searching for bird seed. I thought it was cute, we usually leave some seed on the porch during winter because the feeders get all blogged down with snow and ice.

I have been baking all weekend, making cookies to send for family and friends. Next will be the shipping! Going to the post office on Monday to ship all the goodies - don't you just love it!

I have been spending a lot of time looking at blogs and think there are so many that have the Christmas spirit, they are just beautiful! I wish I had the writing talent that some of you do, I feel like my words are rather bland! Hopefully as I get better at this, they will improve? Some pretty blogs you might want to see: Kathy's Cottage at, Rue's Peanut butter and jelly life at, also Laurie at Laurie has some real cute little marble magnets - she is such a great painter! Adrienne always has some very kind and thoughtful things to say, she is at Also Michelle Palmer is another wonderful artist! She is at . This is only four, and there are so many more that are so pretty and Christmas-y, but not enough room here to mention them all. Well, you all have a great week, and keep the Spirit going! Oh, one more thing: I added a new light to my Etsy store! You can see it below! It's a night light made from vintage hankies - please check it out!


Adrienne said...

Brrrrr!!! That big storm passed through here - and left us looking at a winter wonderfland and freezing temperatures. I hear there are more to come so I'm hoping to catch up with myself, get my decorating finished (finally) and catch up with my blog friends. Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn. I do enjoy stopping by to see what you have to share. Stay warm and be safe. ~Adrienne~

Michelle Palmer said...

So sweet of you to mention me! Big hugs! I LOVE your blog topper~ beautiful...and the photo with the little feathered friend tracks~ That would make the most beautiful Christmas card!
I have to try your Cream Puff recipe...I've never seen one like it!
Wishing you a blessed season~
Merry Christmas, friend~

Rue said...

Awwww.... thank you Marilyn!!!!

You know, all you have to do is write what's in your heart and people will read about it. I honestly don't have a clue what I'm doing, but as long as I follow my own advice they are so sweet ro me.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Marilyn , I know what you mean about the writing abilitiy. I don't express myself well with writing. I love your header with the pretty Christmasy shades !

Kathleen Grace said...

I think the storm is headed our way. We are supposed to get freezing rain and snow tomorrow night, I am hoping for a snow day:>) You are such a sweetie to mention me. I love the night light MArilyn:>)

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh how I wish I could write well...Thanks for mentioning my goodies, yours are fantastic!!!We made it through that storm...but everything is freezing tonight...maybe even the next few days...yuck. But I get to stay in doors where its toastie and get some crafting done!! Take care...and warm. laurie