Thursday, December 4, 2008


As you may have noticed, I changed my blog to reflect the Christmas Season....the chandelier shades in the banner are also in my Etsy store! It's a first! I think I'll put more lamps there too! The pictures above are of my friend Fran's, kitchen; we were yard-saleing and found 6 birdhouse drawer pulls. She took 3 and I took 3. Fran is so cleaver; she hung her potholder collection on them - cute, don't you agree! I was thinking of using my bird house pulls to hang a smaller picture with ribbon. I'll post a picture when I get it done!

Although we don't have any snow yet, but it's cold enough to have a White Christmas! You all have some beautiful posts, I am enjoying them so much. Your Christmas decorations, trees and food - really beautiful! I am still in the process of decorating, putting up the tree, shopping and wrapping gifts to send and then cleaning up after myself! So I don't have any pictures of the Season as yet. We are going to help decorate a tractor-trailer tomorrow (our car club will be in our local "Truckers Light Parade") Every year people come from all around with their pick-ups to big rigs all decked out with Christmas Lights! Hopefully I will get some neat pictures I can post!

I want to thank Heidi at for having the Very Vintage Christmas Swap this year. I met a very nice lady (Missy) who is my swap partner. I mailed out her box of gifts today! This was a lot of fun and I'll probably do it again next year too!

Have a great week!


Adrienne said...

Good morning, Marilyn -
I love the new look of your blog. It's so festive. And those lampshades are gorgeous! I'm wishing I had a chandelier that needed them. Mine has lights that curve down. Can't wait to see your decorations. I'm about the same place you are - just starting. It won't be long now. My sweetheart will be gone most of the weekend so I think I'll have the house mostly decorated when he returns.

Kathleen Grace said...

Very cute drawer pulls, and I like the idea of using them to hang things. Congratulations on your etsy store. I know you will be successful. Those chandy shades would be mine if I had $50...and if my chandy didnt need 5 shades!