Thursday, May 29, 2008

I know that I've been lax lately in blogging, but I've been working sooo much and it seems that everytime I get some time off, we either have company or there is lots to do outside in the garden. Like pulling weeds! Not that I'm complaining - I LOVE having friends and family visit (but couldn't we have pretty flowers without weeds?)

So now I can finally get back to writing to you all here in blogland! This week, here in Central Oregon we have had lots of rain and gray skys, so I haven't been able to get back to finishing my kitchen table and chairs...but soon, I promise, and also I am going to finish the denim lampshade that is still waiting for me in my shop! I'll post a picture when it's all finished...

It looks like there are lots of people having givaways and it has me thinking that maybe I will make a little lamp for a giveaway too! So keep watching, and I will announce it soon!

Have a great weekend, go out there and check out all the yard sales, I know that's what I will be doing too!




Charmingdesigns said...

Hope a little sunshine is on its way to you. We're having a touch today. Cant wait to see what you are up to! Laurie

Adrienne said...

Hi Marilyn -
It's good to hear from you. Haven't we had crazy weather here in Oregon this year? We wonder if we will really have summer and then the sun comes out and we are full of hope that it has arrived!